My Top Wrecks This Month!!!

42w ago


#3: Sticking an RS200 in the wall - DiRT 3

Rallycross isn't my favourite racing genre, but I love the close, furious racing. This crash was the result of me racing in 1st person, meaning I didn't spot the MG Metro who I tagged launching into the corner, spinning me the opposite direction and into the wall!

#2: Super GT GT-R gets destroyed on the test run - NFS Shift 2 Unleashed

I recently got NFS Shift 2 Unleashed, and have been making great progress in it, acquiring a pretty darn nice garage of cars. With a bit of spare cash, I decided to race modify my GT-R into a Super GT race version. So when I went to give it a test run, I severely underestimated both the improved handling and acceleration, rear ending a Huayra and.... this happening.

#1: Mini Countryman WRC rolling many, many times - DiRT 3

Another test run crash, I unlocked the Mini Countryman WRC and decided to give it a spin. However on a particularly simple right hander, the car drifted out wide, striking a snow bank, and I was a passenger from there. The Mini rolled five times before coming to a stop, and it actually managed to carry on, but the violence of this little off-track excursion was so intense it deserves the top spot!!!

Bonus clip: Launching into the first corner like a kamikaze!!! - DiRT 3

Okay, this one's not a crash, but I figured it deserves a mention. During the same RallyX event as the previous crash, I felt impatient and decided to rip the handbrake and launch into the first corner with no care for who or what I hit, as long as I got around the corner with as much anger as possible. amazingly I near-perfectly slid the corner passing multiple rivals in the process! (And smacking a Fiesta in the face with my arse.)

Did you enjoy this list? Should I do more like this? I don't exactly crash all the time (I'm not Maldonaldo!), but I could do a brief list of some of my biggest crashes every so often! If you liked this, be sure to let me know and I might do some similar content in the future!