My truck not gone done me wrong

1y ago


I've said it many times before: the only things that were genuinely better in the olden days are electric kettles and American pick-up trucks. The kettles didn't break as often and the trucks just looked better.

By way of an example, here's a Chevy Cheyenne from '71, spotted for sale at Gateway Classics in Nashville. Yours for $30k or so. How nice is that?

Best pick-up they ever made, that one, etc etc etc.

Bear in mind that if you buy an old pick-up in Tennessee, it isn't necessarily yours. Tammy Wynette could turn up at your door claiming it's hers.

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  • I own a 78 c30 and wouldent trade it for the world

    1 year ago
  • It is nice indeed, a proper nice version of a 71' Chevy Cheyenne. Prefer a 76' C-10 myself.

    1 year ago


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