- My Dominar , brand new.

My TV show has been postponed…

So the events unfolded after a rather boring movie. Annabelle had turned out to be quite a bummer and my friend and I decided to head home right after. The theatre was a bit off my usual route back home and I would end up riding under the flyover I usually ride on on the way home.

As I rode up alongside the end of the flyover, some bloke thought it would be a good idea to take a left turn off the flyover and cut across the road without any warning whatsoever. This is India after all. I unfortunately had no time to react and well, there’s no other way to say this really, went straight into him.

Said bloke was to my misfortune also carrying his wife and kid at the back. The lady’s leg was bleeding so they rushed straight to the hospital while the cops arrived in a matter of seconds from their usual posting on the opposite side of the road and took both our bike keys till we “came to a compromise”.

At this point I analysed the situation. My bike had been damaged pretty bad, while I was un-injured thanks to my riding gear. Wasn’t going all that fast either to start off with. Meanwhile, almost nothing had happened to the bloke’s bike, and playing in my favour, he didn’t have a Driving License, was riding triple’s , nor did any of them have helmets on them,  but the lady had a hairline fracture in her leg.

Now while the passers-by at the moment supported me with the cops, they could only stick around for so long. The bloke soon after they dispersed started arguing that I was over-speeding, and I was more than happy to take him to the police station and file a complaint, positive I’d win a court case if it would come to such thing. The cop on the other hand said that if it were to come to such a stage, the judge would favour his arguments as his wife was the one injured, and mostly because I, being a young guy with a fairly powerful bike, the blame would fall on me without a doubt despite everything I had going for me, unless of course if I had some ‘powerful friends’, which I don’t.

After analysing the situation and bargaining with the man, we came to a compromise and I had to pay for the lady’s treatment. What choice did I have!

I recently watched a video of a lady getting hit while blindly crossing a highway, the driver of the car being imprisoned after. Now what happened to me was a little on the lines of this incident, but in my case there was no possible way of seeing the scooter I hit, nor was I over speeding. Can we say however, that justice has been served and rightfully so? (Video link below. Credits@rushlane. Graphic content)www.facebook.com/rushlane/videos/10154625475336784/

I know for a fact that in my case, I surely wasn’t served justice and didn’t have a chance. The system definitely needs a change. In any case, my bike now sits at the mechanics’, and I’ve been forced to use the metro every day. Riding gear though, is an absolute life saver and I urge everyone to wear adequate gear even on daily escapades. You can’t put a price on your safety. When deciding which bike to buy, try shortlisting your choices based on whether they have ABS or not. And please, don’t just wear a helmet only when you see cops around. Keep it on always, because you never really know what’s around the corner in this country. Ride safe. Cheers  !

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