- My Uncles 1937 MG SA Tickford Drophead Coupe Photo By Del McDougall

My Vintage & Classic Car Experience

10w ago


My experience of Vintage & Classic Cars starts at a very young age. In fact there is not a time I can not remember being around or near a Vintage or Classic Car even as a very small boy. Now you will all be thinking why is this Del? Well i grew up around an astonishing array of Vintage & Classic Cars thanks to my Uncles & Father.

One of my Uncles has owned Vintage Cars before i was even born and then in 1986 when i was the tender age of 4 my 2 Uncles started a Vintage & Classic Car Wedding Car Business which started off with a 1928 Rolls Royce 20/25 which was a Prototype for the up and coming 20/25, 1937 Austin 12 Taxi Low Loader with a Jones body & a 1928 Humber 14/40 Saloon.

As the years moved on more Vintage & Classic Cars where added to the fleet in the form of 1935 Rolls Royce 20/25, 1950 Humber Super Snipe Drophead Coupe, 1952 Humber Pullman, 1952 Humber Imperial, 1964 Bentley S3 Saloon. Yes there where also some Daimler DS420's added to the feet as well but at that time in the 1990's they where not considered as Classic Cars.

Did this have an effect on me as i got older i hear you all asking? Well yes it did normal school boy's would stay at home and go out and play football at Weekends & Summer Holiday's but not me i was going into my Dad's Workshop as where the Cars where kept was also part of my Dad & Uncles Electrical Engineering Business so as a small boy i was not just learning and growing up around Vintage & Classic Cars i was also learning about Hand Tools, Electrical Components & Electric Motors as my Father was an Armature Winder, and yes by the time i was 6 i could tell you what most of the hand tools where in a tool box as well as the name of some Car parts as well. By the time i reached 13 i was able to help out with servicing & maintenance of the Vintage & Classic Cars under supervision.

Yes those where the best years of my life and i learned a lot about Vintage & Classic Cars and yes i am still a Vintage & Classic Car Enthusiast & Owner there is one thing i do hate and that is the decline in popularity of Vintage Cars in the past years you see less on the now compared to the 1980's & 1990's why? well there is very few younger people interested in Vintage Cars & there is also a lot of them sitting in Museums and not getting driven like they should be, Yes i do use my Classic Car which is a 1963 Hillman Super Minx, I am also Restoring a 1931 Austin Seven Swallow Saloon. I believe if i never grew up around those cars and went into the Workshop as a Boy then i would not have the knowledge nor have an interest in Vintage & Classic Cars.