My virtual trade mission to.....America.

In this series, I use The Crew 2 to tour America in a series of snaps, with your input influencing the finished photos quite heavily!

A trade mission?!

No, not really. Trade mission made for a good title but this is really just a US Tour with cars that you have matched to each region being covered. And we begin in New York, one of the world's most fascinating cities, even I must admit. Home to yellow taxis, people with MASSIVE brief cases and some person called.....Throttle?...Girl? Is it?๐Ÿ˜‚

Anyway, we take the trip to New York in one very British car indeed.

The Mini Cooper S.........enjoy!

Touchdown in NY:

Here, at Terminal 3 in New York International Airport while being tailgated by an impatient Chevy Camaro driver, the nifty little hatch sets off on its first of many miles across the city that never sleeps.

Window Shopping:

Being famed for its endless aisles of glittering (and rather expensive) shopping districts, the Mini multi-tasks embracing city life, trying to look very photogenic for its snaps and showing off how cute it looks flying the Union Jack on its roof. By showing off of course I mean going out of its way to look like a massive hypocrite modelling as a british car when it's barely even british at all anymore. You win this time Germany. Unlike 1945.

*That's a joke btw please get a sense of humour*

Tunnel by night:

Somehow (and I don't know how) the Mini ends up in a New York Tunnel where it happens to be the only car there. And what an opportunity well used as the perfect snap is created. Notice how the car is caught in motion, brimming with confidence as it speeds along the quiet, dimly-lit-but-very aesthetic-at-the-same-time underground roads.

Leaving its mark:

Showcasing the very best of its fun character in a show of donuts and burnouts, the Cooper S proves how art through cars can be achieved, and how our roads are really one big easel waiting for beautification. This image was my personal favourite shot. Might even be a new homescreen (and that would be replacing my beloved Stinger!).

Urban Forest:

The wonderful scenery of central park, funnily enough only becoming wonderful upon the arrival of the little Mini Cooper. We catch it crossing the bridge as we capture the natural beauty of this urban epicentre's beating heart of green. It really is iconic.

City life:

No space? No problem. Cities nowadays are home mostly to SUVs that take up more space than most average sized buildings, but here the Cooper is right at home, proving its worth as it negotiates spaces unattainable to the tower-block-sized-cars of 2021. Fits with room to spare, I mean in New York Mini's just make sense. Now the trade mission really comes into play. You see America, you know you need a Mini.

The postcard shot:

Unlike most british tourists, the Mini doesn't ruin the landscape it finds itself in. To be honest it enhances it. I assure you the cars represent Britain better than the people, so please don't be put off the cars because of the lump of lard of a yoke you saw lying on the beach in Miami that time. Anyway as you can see the Cooper is as stunning as ever, and even manages to take centre stage in the city that 'supposedly' never sleeps. (I struggled captioning this one if that weren't obvious):

You know you've got something truly exciting and special when its bright and happy colours one-up those of the local fairground. The Mini is just as special a sight to us humans as the rides surrounding it, but the difference is you can't modify a fairground ride to do 200mph. And if you can then I advise you never try and open your amusement park to the public.

Quick murder before leaving town:

After a slight highway incident, our plucky little Brit shows its power by discretely hiding the evidence at the bottom of the River Hudson, along with its driver. I'm sure we'll agree that this is quite a unique selling point for the Mini there. Tempted yet? Me too, but on that now I think its best we stop sharing the location of this car and its owner's whereabouts in the interests of preventing a bust-in from the FBI.

Photographing the Mini Cooper S is like photographing a red sky at sunset, it's quite impossible to form a bad image. The Mini is a true heart stealer, and it makes no effort to hide its little nippy character. What a fun little thing.

Now, this is where you step in. I have multiple locations to cover across the United States, and in order to try and make this bearable (I'm joking shut up) I want you to give me your motoring suggestions. My next sight-seeing section of the trip is down south in the sunshine state of Florida. With this location in mind, throw out as many car suggestions as humanely possible, in the hope that The Crew 2 offers at least one of them, and maybe that'll be my car of choice. So yeah please head to the comments for that.

And of course, thank you for having a look at this, it was a lot of fun to put together.

Cya in the next one...........

(this is the part where you go to the comments and spam suggestions).

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