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My wife’s 2002 SC430 as been very well maintained and is in great mechanical shape. Runs and drives as good as ever with only 200,000 miles. Like a MD88, with continued maintenance it could provide good service for the rest of our lives. Lexus V8s are known to go 1,000,000 miles. Interior is still nice. As you can see, it needs some minor body work, back bumper cover as well as front. Estimate from the body shop is $3100. I checked KBB and found person to person value in VG condition is about $6000. This car cost over 60K new. The current LC500 is north of $100K.
- Sell 3K as is?
- Repair and sell 6K?
- Repair and keep forever & sell the 911? (Bank some cash!)

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  • Decided on option 4. Fix it myself. From motorcycles, I have experience fixing cracked plastic. Drill the lead of the crack to stop it propagating, and apply JB weld reinforced with fiber glass to the back. Over the weekend I took both ends apart, ordered parts, and pretty much have the rear done. Front bumper cover ready to go when parts come in. From $3100, I will spend about $600 including all new bulbs. And, maybe 15 hours labor or so.

      9 months ago
  • At what point is it time to upgrade to a newer Lexus? @tribe

      9 months ago
    • Well, we have upgraded. To a 2011 Porsche 911 C2S Cabriolet. Can’t decide what to do with the SC though. The value is much greater than it could be sold for.

        9 months ago
  • Welcome to DriveTribe Scott! Nobody ever sells their 911 do they?

      9 months ago
  • Well, it is the worst car ever according to top gear...

      9 months ago
    • Eurocentric viewpoint. It’s not going to beat a 911 around the track but, we have owned the car for 10 years, and it has been a great car. It has many outstanding attributes. Google 996 engine failure, then SC430 engine failure. Top Gear needs...

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        9 months ago