My worst mechanical Horror story.

It`s halloween! And so.. a scary story must come in sight (little experiment of mine)

It was 4 in the afternoon, I had finished working replacing a faulty sensor on the 3 cylinder engine of a Ford Fiesta, the orange hatchback gently touched the ground as I lowered it, I was exhausted still looking at the clock waiting for the 10 minute break to chat to some friends for the weekend.

I removed the arms that held the vehicle and stepped inside the car to disengage the handbrake, But then... a crane towed trough the door of the workshop a 2002 Opel Astra, It`s front was slightly broken due to a strong frontal collision.

Then my boss exited out from his officedown the greasy stairs holding onto the railing, he had a look of uneasyness when he looked at the Astra that had been towed inside the workshop, his look fixated on me.

"Take a look, the owner says that after the impact the engine stopped working by some reason, check her up" he said in a dry maner handing me the keys of that soon-to-be donor car, going to the driver side I went on to press the button to open the hood but... nothing happened, sighing a bit angry I looked at the clock, I wanted to finish with this car already.

After a good while trying to open the hood with force the hood lock surrendered to my efforts and let me open it, On a quick look I saw there was a few fried fuses on the fuse box, relieved at the fact that it was a easy problem I went on to close the hood but then... I noticed something strange.

The exhaust manifold was on it`s place, the catalytic converter as well, but as I looked below... things like the silencer, the resonator ... were not present, I noticed that the hot exhaust air had been blowing the hot fumes directly to the gas tank on the back heating it up, thinking of what could have happened the hairs on my arm raised a little.

and then... the stinking smell of Gasoline, I smell I loved, a smell I certainly wanted to be some kind of perfume if it could be made into a softer fragance, but... why it smelled of Gas on the engine?

Upon a closer look on the block I noticed this hole made by the remains of a traffic signal, they had punctured the space where a spark plug was (but somehow didn`t unplug it), There was a small trickle of gasoline near that spot that came

And suddenly ... Gasoline, I could see a small hole in one of the parts where the spark plugs were placed. a small trickle of it dripped under the car, at that moment I realized the fate of its driver, if the car had made another cycle before stopping completely ... the gasoline would have caught on fire, the fire would have reached the tank and then ... the story would have been very different...

My watch vibrated indicating my break time... without hesitation I wrote in big leters on a paper "DO NOT TURN ON ENGINE!" and stuck it on the windshield still feeling terrified despite being harmless as it was.

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