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    Mysterious Aventador With Fin Spotted Testing

    Another version of the Aventador?

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    Instagram user @vtm_theking4 have posted these interesting pictures of an upcoming Lamborghini. From the pictures, it looks like Lamborghini have been testing yet another hardcore version of their Aventador.

    Notice the new bumper with redesigned splitter and integrated air vents.

    Notice the new bumper with redesigned splitter and integrated air vents.

    After launching the Aventador S earlier this year, Lamborghini seem to be preparing an even more hardcore version of their V12 flagship model. From these grainy pictures, we can see that it has a new aggressive front splitter as well as a redesigned front bumper. We can also see that this new bumper has two integrated air vents between the head lights.

    A fin?

    A fin?

    The real talking point has to be the rear end which seems to be heavily redesigned. Apart from the new 'Huracan Perfromante'-esque exhaust system, we can see a new extended rear spoiler as well as a 'fin' sitting on top of the engine decklid! The engine decklid seems to have under gone a few changes itself as now the slats appear to be separated at the middle.

    No more central exhaust system?

    No more central exhaust system?

    At this point, we can only speculate things about whether this a new Aventador model or just a one off or a limited edition like the 50th Anniversario! But one thing is for sure, Lamborghini are not yet done with the Aventador!

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