M​ystical Fantasies: 2021 Corrado.

Welcome to my new segment of "Mystical Fantasies". Let's chat about what if a very beloved sweetheart from VW made a return?

33w ago

W​e all know the Golf as this do-it all hatchback with a lot of pep and energy. It has always been widely loved around the world as it sold a solid 60 million units. However, just for fun, what if the Golf's more quirkier sister returned?

I'm talking a new transverse-mounted supercharged 5 cylinder that gives you a healthy 30+ MPG and will sound even better than ever with a simple 16-valve. There should perhaps be an electric variant as VW had offered the Golf in EV flavor. Maybe even keep a turbo version as well.

As for design, VW should follow suit and offer it in retro style., thus sparking a retro design revolution for VW's future models/lineup. Manual goodness shall follow as is and the clutch and shifter can get tweaked for more solidity and feel, but also keep the DSG around as well. Overall, the new Corrado's weight shall be around 2,500 lbs, which is 60 lbs less than the original. Finally, the suspension and height would be lowered and the dimensions would be a wee bit smaller too. This new Corrado would be ideally a wee bit cheaper than the Golf and if the Hyundai Veloster can still be justified with its unique three-door setup, then I say this can as well, all while offering golf levels of practicality.

W​e all know that crossovers sell and VW is sure as heck investing tons into them, however, they could also have more fun too and bring their future lineup to be even more desirable than ever before. VW ought to make cars that are obviously worth buying along with cars that will want people coming back for more.

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Comments (3)

  • Secretly I want a modern day Corrado VR6 or G60 (in reality would probably be a 2.0 R). My issue with the picture is that other than the glass house and a vague resemblance at the rear I don’t feel like it looks like a modern day Corrado.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I’m not feeling it, especially at the front.

    Shoot me down if you wish but that’s just me.

      7 months ago
    • Hey I respect differing opinions. I agree as well with how there will have to be more tweaks with this design to make it feel more a lot like the successor to the original corrado.

        7 months ago
  • If only!

      7 months ago