M​ystical Fantasies: Modern day Citroen DS Pallas...

What happens when you dabble ​with a solid dose of French quirkiness and ingenuity?

I am sure some of us admired or became a fan of quirky/weird things. However, the memorable art that stood out for all of us was the OG Citroen DS Pallas. It was and still is THE Citroen we all came to love and admire. What if Citroen were to reintroduce the DS nameplate? Maybe as the EV that could perhaps reclaim the revolutionary flagship crown from the Model S or more so the new debutant, the Lucid Air.

Credits: Sang Won Lee, the designer

Credits: Sang Won Lee, the designer

M​aybe strike a deal with AESC (noted to be the second largest battery manufacturer after Panansonic) and add 600+ miles of range to the batteries and even re-invent the air suspension to offer more brilliant ride quality that others don't have yet. That way, it could give Citroen the much needed sales it deserves. This is a car that was a hallmark for brilliance and I best believe Citroen could live up to this legend again. Perhaps, add even more pizazz to Citroen's overall design language to be reminiscent of the classic days. It has been the trademark of the French to make cars that are a delight to drive and to look at. Citroen, it's never too late to make a few thousand or so examples.

I​t's the car that may be the most wanted one day and could perhaps resonate with the buyers. It's also the car we didn't know we wanted up until now...

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Comments (5)

  • Aerodynamic design, hydragas suspension that could lower the car at speed. This would make a good EV!

      1 month ago
  • I’ve thought for years the DS should return as an EV. It certainly is the perfect candidate for a retro fit EV system because it’s power train was the main downfall.

      1 month ago


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