M​ystical Fantasies: Modern Miura

T​hat gorgeous Italian woman we've all fantacized at one point.

37w ago

It is no doubt that L​amborghini is doing well and thriving with it's current 3-car lineup (Huracan, Aventador, and Urus) and in sales like never before.

However, I feel as if Lamborghini's today have lost that classic, stylish look that defined them for a certain period of time and are fully headed for the angry fighter jet theme. Lamborghini ought to start and dare with making even more masterpieces. Perhaps a masterpiece like the Miura can and should be replicated. A second generation had a chance of happening and it was close, but it didn't. However, it isn't too late. Everything from it glamorous gated shifter to its beautiful V12 can be brought back. This time the Miura will return as a limited edition. The rebooted Miura's weight will be 2,650 lbs and will have the same V12 from the Aventador, just transversely mounted. The refreshing tweaks this V12 will get is that the engine will be 4.8 liters putting out 560 hp, which will redline at 9,750 RPM. The powertrain will have a mechanical carburetor and the v12 block will be aluminum. There will also be a slight tweak in the design of the engine as well. The exhausts will have unequal length headers. This Miura will feature a gated 6-speed manual and a total of 100 units will be made. The clutch will be a bit hefty, but still great to work with. The new Miura will also have hydraulically-assisted steering to deliver old school experience in a retro, yet modern package. The chassis dynamics/handling will be very blissful, telepathic, delightful, and sublime. The 2021 Miura will have a normal amount of technology (i.e. Bluetooth, anti lock brakes, & rear view camera), but the Miura is a car built for the driving involvement as well as experience and not being focused on technology.

T​his will be the start to a unique Lamborghini Limited Production Series.

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  • Love it, now make it yellow!

    Or orange

    baby blue?


    But NOT British Racing Green...

      8 months ago