Nakai-San and RWB Rotana - Motegi Idlers Porsche day

2y ago


My Rapid Japan sidekick Alex Kyo attended the Idlers Porsche Day at Twin Ring Motegi last month where Nakai-San was competing in his mighty Rotana 993. Alex took these amazing photos of the master gearing up for the race.

The main race at the Idlers Porsche day featured an intense battle between Nakai-San in his RWB Rotana 993 and a modern, carbon fiber 911 GT3 Cup Car. Nakai-San qualified 2nd but got a fantastic start and took the lead into the first corner. The 911 GT3, which started on pole, dropped to third at the start, but quickly made ground to catch up with the leading Nakai-San.

From lap three the rivals were dueling for first position. Rotana made up ground in the corners, but lost out to the 911 GT3 on the straights. The straight line speed of Nakai-San’s rival was eventually too much, and the 911 GT3 took the win. While Nakai-San lost out in the end, he did incredibly well to keep up with the pace of the hi-tech 911 GT3 Cup Car; a car made 20 years after Rotana.

Words by Alex Kyo and Joey Meuross. Photos by Alex Kyo.

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