Naked Porsche Taycan spotted on the open road

5d ago


The Porsche Taycan is probably the single most anticipated car of 2019 as it marks the beginning of mainstream manufacturers transitioning towards all-electric power.

The brand-new EV has made countless appearances all around the world from the Nurburgring to the Arctic Circle in various forms of camouflage. However, it has never been seen in full production spec.

Unfortunately, these most recent shots taken in Virginia by a Jalopnik reader don’t quite change that. However, the disguise has been thoroughly reduced compared to previous sightings of the rare specimen.

Over the past few months, Porsche has been testing the Taycan in real-world scenarios, but to keep the design under wraps, it has been covered in decals. The rear end has featured red paint making the brake lights look a lot larger than they actually are, and even Maserati-esque. The front end has also had its lights visually expanded giving them a 996 911 feel.

In these most recent shots, most of that is all gone. The rear end is now totally free of additional paint and the headlights have gone from getting eye shadow, lash extensions and contact lenses to a simple touch of mascara. Unfortunately, the rear has gained some ridiculous exhaust pipe exits which must be to lead the paparazzi off the sent.

One can definitely sense that the car’s official launch is close. In fact, the covers will be lifted off the all-electric performance saloon in less than a month at the International Motor Show at Frankfurt.