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Name Changes Of Formula 1 Teams

I didn't think the last team on this list would have one....

I love sponsorship talks, they are always very interesting for me at least (mostly because I am a sport management graduate), I have no idea about you. But, when Formula 1 teams have name changes especially due to title sponsorships it thills me to an extent. As of today I know 2 teams that will enter with new Title Sponsors and one with a more simple name and one rumoured to enter with a new title sponsor.

Force India

The name is 'Force India' officially no more. Force India post administration (Belgium GP) earlier this season was named Racing Point Force India. Now that the season is over and the team is handed to a consortium of owners headed by Laurence Stroll, it will now be named Racing Point F1. I think we all saw this one coming.


Haas's Ask was half of Williams

To my surprise I didn’t expect this to happen. Why? Simple. the title sponsor to Haas F1 was supposed to Williams new title sponsor. The deal worked in Haas’s favour as they asked for only half of Williams Sponsorship ask. This results in the 2019 American outfit called Rich Energy Haas F1 Team. If you don’t know rich energy - Energy Drink out of the UK. It already has a F1 car on their home page in Black and gold. Haas’s future livery leaked already?


Martini no more, Rich energy sponsorship fell through?...What can happen now. I browsing though LinkedIn noticed the article for the driver announcement of Kubica and Russel and noticed that both the drivers were not wearing Williams Martini Racing shirts like in the past but, just Williams Racing.

Ferrari. The rumour - nothing official.

Mission Winnow is owned by the company who own marlboro

Why is this here - well this past season, since Suzuka, I saw a lot of promotion of Mission Winnow - technically a Phillip Morris International entity. In the past these two have been together, but with a sponsorship of Marlboro. Now I have read at many places due to the sponsorship, the change in the name will happen to Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow for the 2019 season and onwards. Well if you look at the car from Suzuka 2018 onwards, Mission Winnow own all the available real-estate on Scuderia's car and both driver's racing suits. However, when this happens officially, I will update this very article.

Pic Credits: it.sports.yahoo.com

Pic Credits: it.sports.yahoo.com

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