- Love and Hate a Nissan?

Name one Nissan you love and one you hate!

5w ago


Comment your Top and Flop: Nissan

This time we check out Nissan, lets see what we think about their models! I start, here you go!

Sub Zero (Top)

Yeah, you probably choose the same Top model as I do! The Nissan GTR R35! I think its such a cool machine. But in case you get bored of it, there is another model which I love. The 300ZX! Rare and Sub Zero.

Seriously Uncool (Flop)

I´m sure everyone of you is thinking of the same when it comes to the question which nissan is the Uncoolest. The Nissan Juke. And yes, we are absolutley right about that! I won´t disagree with you about the Seriously Uncool Juke. But this one is probably even worse!?

I think I might get sick...

Now its your turn! comment two Nissan, one you love and one you hate!

your personal top and flop

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