Name That Tail! 2019-05-25

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The rear of a car is the part of a car you stare at for the longest in traffic. So can you name them from its lights? Don't forget to share your score and try out the other quizzes in the tribe as well!

A lovely classic

  • Nissan Cedric
  • Toyota Crown
  • Nissan President
  • Mitsubishi Debonair

A Skyline, but which Skyline?

  • Skyline R30 2000RS Turbo
  • Skyline R31 GTS-R
  • Skyline C210 2000GT
  • Skyline R32 Autech GTS

80s Japanese gangster car

  • Nissan Cedric
  • Toyota Mark II
  • Toyota Chaser
  • Nissan Leopard

It is a Nissan, but which?

  • Bluebird
  • Violet
  • Cedric
  • Gloria

These were super cool, but was unfortunately out-competed

  • Nissan Leopard
  • Toyota Soarer
  • Nissan Laurel
  • Nissan Cefiro

Let's end with this icon

  • Prince Skyline S54 2000GT
  • Nissan Skyline C10 2000GT-R
  • Nissan Skyline C110 2000GT-R
  • Nissan Skyline C210 2000GT-EX

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