What Cheap Car Challenge Is This?

  • Can you buy a car for less than 100 Pounds?
  • Is it possible to fix a car for less than 100 Pounds?
  • How much protection does a 100 Pound car give?
  • Old Cars... Should you buy one?

How much did Jeremy's Volvo Cost?

  • 100 Pounds
  • 10 Pounds
  • 1 Pound
  • FREE

What Top Gear Challenge Is This?

  • Is it worth buying an old Porsche?
  • Drive an old Porsche until it blows up
  • Cheap Porsche Challenge
  • Can you buy a Supercar for less than 7000 pounds?

What did Jeremy do to win this challenge?

  • Rig the final challenge
  • Lie
  • Blow his car up
  • Sell his car in bits for a living room

What Top Gear Challenge is this?

  • Old Jaguars... Should You Buy One?
  • Buy an old coupe that isn't a Porsche.
  • Old Mitsubishi's... Should you buy a car built by an plane maker?
  • Old BMW's are they as well made as we all think?

What did each of the presenters do to modify their cars for the endurance race?

  • James: Fixed his car and painted it Green... With A Paint Brush
  • Jeremy: Did his car up like a rally car
  • Jeremy: Added a spoiler and front wing like an F1 car
  • Richard: Painted his car and only did cosmetics
  • Richard: Steal James' car and drive the rest of the race.
  • James: Drive the race in a completely different Jag to what he started in.

What Top Gear Challenge Is This

  • Can you buy a proper Supercar for a cheap price?
  • How unreliable are 70's Italian Supercars?
  • What happens when you buy an old Supercar?
  • What is the recipe for a supercar?

Who's car made it to the destination?

  • James' Lambo
  • Hammond's Ferrari
  • Jeremy's Maserati
  • None. They all broke down before they could make it

What challenge is this?

  • A White Van Man Challenge
  • A Man With A Dog and Van
  • What is the best vehicle for tail gating?

Who rolled this micro van?

  • Clarkson
  • Hammond
  • May
  • The Stig's Van Driving Cousin
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