Nanuq - my Volvo V40

Polar White T2 R-Design...with some Heico gimmicks.

I was once strictly against doing any after-market modifications (except in video games maybe). Everything that wasn't originally intended by the manufacturer would have been an insult in my eyes of the many people that were involved in the creation process of a car. But opinions change sometimes, nobody should be afraid of saying: back then I had a different view on something than I have now. So today I think, if it's done properly, modifying and giving your car a bit of a more personal touch can be a great thing!

And there is another opinion about cars I've had to change. Giving a car a name, like you give to a pet seemed just childish to me, but I really love my V40 and I spend so much time with it that I feel like it deserves a name: Nanuq, which is the Inuit word for polar bear. Childish? Maybe, but I don't care.

To show you the few small things I've been changing on my V40 I made a little video:

Wow, making videos is harder than I thought 😅.

So as you can see in the video the real modifications are the sports exhaust and the wheel spacers. Both are original Heico parts made in Germany.

I can absolutely recommend Heico. They have done motorsport with Volvos since 1995, and even competed in numerous 24h races on the Nordschleife and as far as I know they're the biggest manufacturer of premium after-market parts for Volvo.


The spacers weren't all that expensive but they give the V40 so much more stance - it makes a HUGE difference. I really can't explain why Volvo haven't made the rear wider in the first place...

applying the aluminum spacers

applying the aluminum spacers


The standard exhaust just sounded like...well nothing really, or like a hair dryer at best. Of course you won't expect a the small T2 engine to have a sound that gives you goosebumps. But the R-Design just gives the V40 such a mean and sporty look that it felt quite odd to hear about nothing when I sometimes drive a bit more...well let's say sporty - but needless to say always within traffic rules! 🏎 🚓

exhaust installation

exhaust installation

The Heico exhaust doesn't make it miraculously sound like an Aston, but that's not the point. I like the now deeper tone (the difference is definitely noticeable: here's an example of the standard sound), especially after a cold start and I'm extremely happy that people usually just think it's some kind of warm-hatch version of the V40.

Play video

Cold start. Alright, stands in front of the garage here so it's quite a bit louder than usually 😜


A few years ago I would have never thought I'd stick anything on a car. Today I'd say the prancing moose on the fenders are a must-have on any Volvo and they're getting quite common by now.

You can't imagine my heart rate when I was applying them - extremely nerv wrecking thing to do. I think most of the time I was measuring out the exact position on both sides, and then you have just one chance to do it right because they are extremely sticky.

Same story with the Swedish Air Force badges on the front doors, nevertheless it was absolutely worth it. As the the Swedes would say, it's "Grädde på moset", the icing on the cake.

So altogether very small details (especially the stickers aren't exactly that much of a change of the car) that are kind of enhancing my day to day experience with my Nanuq.

Have you also done any modifications to your car, or is it a pointless waste of money?


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Comments (9)

  • Love the video Dominik!

      2 years ago
    • Thanks! Maybe the spot wasn’t too good because of traffic though, but I guess you can’t avoid background sounds completely when filming outdoors

        2 years ago
  • Great post!

      2 years ago
  • I like Nanuq already; It really looks like a polar bear, great idea with that! and these are very nice modifications, small details like these shows that the car belongs to you more than anything 👍

    I consider putting a badge from MINSK refrigerator on the back of our (my grandfather's) V70, long story... maybe I'll do this some day 😂

    I was actually thinking about name but I could never decide what should it be, it's so characteristic anyway that when I say "Volvo", everyone immediately knows which one I mean 😀

      2 years ago
    • Nice to hear you like it! I don‘t even feel like Nanuq is my car, more like he‘s a good buddy. And these little personalisations definately enhance this.

        2 years ago
    • A refridgerator badge on the old V70 would be funny😄

        2 years ago