Narrow Roads, Tight Spaces, and SatNav fun

2y ago


One of the reoccurring themes from our recent trip to Italy was that we seemed to find roads that were a little narrow for the Maserati Ghibli. Of course the medieval towns of Bergamo and Verona weren't designed with large 21st century cars in mind, so that was to be expected. What was a little of a surprise was some of the lake side roads, presumably built for 1920s and 1930s trucks were also a tight squeeze.

This was further enhanced by the built in SatNav system having no clue about how wide the car was and just what roads were suitable to drive down. A case in point is the photo at the top of the article. If you look carefully there is a turn at the top, both left and right, this was looking from the "hotel with car park" that we'd booked. The road at the top looked like this.

It really was as narrow as it looked. I could have got a smaller car down there, but the Ghibli would drawn the attention of the locals and I'm not sure I'd have managed the turn leaving me with having to reverse back down. In the end I parked on the road.

Then there was the "short cut" that the SatNav found to our hotel, which took us a little way up a farm track before we finally decided that it was having a laugh and went back to the main road. It still couldn't find the hotel and tried to take us down a 40% gradient cobbled street with similar walls to above.

I've put a little compilation together of the best beeping bit and tight squeezes I captured on video. Hope it doesn't put people off taking their own cars as the trip was well worth it.

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