Narrow Snowdonia Lanes

On the way to Portmeirion for the #Maserati Club UK Autumn Meeting we took a cross country detour

3y ago

At the weekend we were on the way to Portmeirion heading around the coast road. The sun was shining, and the hills beckoning, inland so we changed the SatNav to the most direct route. It took us first left and into the hills of the Snowdonia National Park.

The initial climb into the hills looked good. Narrow but interesting roads, and very little traffic. Then we took a right and the roads turned into narrow lanes. Green walls hiding dry stone walls and green in the middle of the road where nature was trying force its way through the tarmac.

Undaunted we pressed on as we explored this lesser travelled lanes before finally emerging onto a main road again to finish our journey. The video below shows just how narrow this got.

Taking the shortest route, in unfamiliar areas, is always a bit of a lottery. There were times that we wondered whether we should press on or turn back. In the end everything was ok. It did make me wonder though that, in this day and age, the SatNav can't be adjusted more, to eliminate certain types of roads, or take in scenic routes for example. We have technology pressing forward to take over the driving, how about making one of the modern aids that bit more useful?

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