NASCAR cancels practice and qualifying for the rest of the season

Random draws will continue to determine the starting grid

2w ago


NASCAR announced today that for the remainder of the 2020 season, races will be held without practice and qualifying. The move has been heralded by NASCAR to ensure the safety of its teams, drivers, and officials by limiting the amount of time spent congregated at the track.

A media statement released from Scott Miller, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition, read: “Following discussions with our race teams and the broader industry, NASCAR will continue to conduct its race weekends without practice and qualifying for the remainder of the 2020 season in all three national series." In another statement, he'd mentioned that more people would be needed to have practice, which brought more people into contact.

He elaborated that "the current format has worked well in addressing several challenges during our return to racing." However, "most importantly, we have seen competitive racing week-to-week."

That means the Playoffs will not have qualifying and will also be subject to the random draw. Miller elaborated that, to make it somewhat more fair, "NASCAR will adjust the starting lineup draw procedure for the Playoff races, and will announce the new process at a later date.” That will likely mean all the drivers in the Playoffs will get to start in the front of the field.

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