- Talladega's wicker will return at Daytona. Image by Harrelson/LAT

NASCAR confirms Daytona rules package

By Kelly Crandall | RACER.com NASCAR correspondent

2y ago

Next weekend’s Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Daytona will see Cup Series teams running the same rules package from Talladega two months ago.

NASCAR confirmed the Daytona rules package Wednesday, noting that it will include the one-inch wicker on the car’s rear spoiler. The spoiler stands at 9 inches.

The wicker was added during the weekend at Talladega after teams and NASCAR officials consulted practice speeds and other data. Another addition that weekend was teams having the option to switch between a .345 and .350 rear gear until qualifying, and at that point the gear chosen stays in the car for the race. That will also be the same for Daytona.

A reminder that the package includes the 1-inch bolt on track bar mount which changes the height of the car to 12 inches (i.e., raise it off the ground).

In a rulebook update also issued Wednesday, the language around the post-race inspection and qualification process was clarified to say series official would consider damage caused during a race when assessing potential violations.

However, the damage must be caused by an accident during the race.

The language reads: “Such determinations may be made by NASCAR before, during, or after the Event, and may consider, to the extent deemed reasonable by NASCAR in the interests of racing competition and fairness, any modifications caused or required as a result of damage by In-Race accidents.”


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