NASCAR doesn’t encourage fights – or does it?

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Last week, you may have heard about a little punch up that was seen live in front of millions of viewers. No, I’m not talking about the latest boxing match, I’m talking about yet another ‘difference of opinions’ between NASCAR drivers. This time, it was Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin that came together in the pit lane after the Martinsville race.

Somehow, this sort of occurrence happens a lot during the NASCAR season and after every fracas, the championship’s governing body is very quick to say it doesn’t encourage that kind of behaviour. In fact, after the situation was reviewed, the crew member that threw Hamlin on the ground has been suspended for the next NASCAR Cup Series race.

Although the organisers are portraying that they don’t condone fights, the NASCAR social media pages seem to be enjoying the extra publicity they bring. In fact in the days following the race, no less than seven videos about the fight found their way onto the NASCAR YouTube channel. That doesn’t sound like fights are frowned upon to me.

First up, two separate videos simply replaying footage from the fight were uploaded moments after it happened.

A few days later, another two videos showing the fight appeared, including one dubbed the ‘extended cut’ showing the fracas from all angles.

Another couple of days after that, the same 4-minute ‘extended’ video came out. This time, with Spanish commentary courtesy of FOX Sports Latin America because why should Spanish speakers miss out on having their own version of the fight? At this rate, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a ‘Top 5 Post-Race Fights’ video.

Finally, a few days ago, NASCAR uploaded a set of interview snippets with the drivers talking about what happened. Luckily, there was a slight hint of an apology from Logano’s interview. However, he did mention that “it’s part of the sport” which sounds very wrong.

Based on the past couple of weeks after the Martinsville race, I think it’s fair to say NASCAR won’t be doing too much to avoid this kind of situation happening again. Simply by talking about it now, I’m showing the championship’s Social Media team why it should keep doing what it’s doing.

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  • I get that some people can't stand violence, I'm not violent myself, what I don't get is, if they hate violence so much, why are they watching a sport that has a good chance of a car slamming into a concrete wall at 190 mph? seems pretty violent to me lol

    15 days ago
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  • I'm not a nascar fan, but at least these drivers can really get down and settle scores instead of snippy comebacks and a push fight like f1 drivers.

    15 days ago
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