NASCAR Driver Avoids Crash By Drifting To Safety

1y ago


This incident took place during a practice run at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. If it had occured during the actual race, we would have seen a lot more "ka-blewy" and action, but as it stands, this was merely a solo performance.

Approaching Turn 4, Brad Keselowski, in his No. 2 Ford Fusion, made too wide and high of a turn, heading up into an area of low grip. We then see Brad do his best Vaughn Gittin Jr. impression for the fans in Charlotte:

Hey, say what you will about that little wall clip at the end, but Keselowski did a hell of a job maintaining control of that car, which could have very easily met an untimely end with that wall. I can't imagine NASCARs hold drifts too easily.

For comparison, let's take a look at an actual Formula D drift:

Toss in Keselowski in his Fusion in there and you've got yourself a good time!


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  • Formula D looks interesting...

    1 year ago
  • That's how I usually drift on Need for Speed. Good to know it works in real life.

    1 year ago
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