Nashville ready to record show. Early morning courtesy of jet lag alarm clock. It's sunny, crisp and they sell cowboy boots next door. Uh oh.

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      • Did you end up buying some Richard? You are the secret American of the group after all. To be fair I'm considered the same.

          3 years ago
      • I wish I was there!

          4 years ago
      • send us some pics of good old merica (im englush bte)

          4 years ago
      • Road Atlanta! You're so close and need to do a show there! Home of Petite LeMans

          4 years ago
      • I'm sad I wasn't chosen to be in the tent audience, but glad to know I have this method for chatting g with other fans. I will happily direct you to my favorite boot store, should you come back to Tennessee.

          4 years ago


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