Naturally Aspirated Screamer - 270HP/8.500RPM VW Corrado

Michael Emsenhuber races this screaming version of the popular Volkswagen FWD Coupé from the 80´s and 90´s. With a 2.0 engine capable of 270Hp/8.500Rpm and weighing only 810Kg this is one of the fastest 2000cc Class machines in Europe.

Curious thing about this Monster is how much of a product of two worlds it is. The Corrado, although blessed with a great chassis, never had many Racing variations of it, but on the other hand, it had ( and still has ) an impressive following among Car Tuning afficionados. And it shows on Mr. Emsenhuber´s ride, with its widebody kit, Schmidt Modern Line rims and front bumper and side skirt add-ons. But other than that, it is a Race Car to the core and a very fast one at that.

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