NBA star LeBron James gives us a look inside his 'convertible' Hummer EV

1,000 hp and three engines

Four-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP LeBron James shared a couple of Instagram stories with the new GMC Hummer EV probably as part of the agreement that GMC and James signed to revive the Hummer brand and promote the all-new and completely overhauled Hummer truck, now available in electric form only.

The Hummer H1, a civilian version of the military Humvee, was first introduced in 1992 and followed by the H2 in 2002, arguably the best-selling Hummer of them all chiefly because rappers, musicians and athletes seemed to love it, and the slightly smaller H3 in 2005. The H3 was discontinued in 2010 and after a 10-year hiatus, General Motors, the car group that owns the rights to the Hummer brand and name, decided to bring it back with an electric powertrain.

GMC first teased the Hummer EV during last year's Super Bowl, with a 60-second ad starring LeBron James.

In the video, James talks us through his own car, the Edition 1, finished in Pearl White and with the roof off. The Edition 1 includes some pretty cool features such as the much talked about CrabWalk function, the truck can basically move sideways, and it is powered by a 3-engine unit for a combined 1,000 hp and 350+ miles of range.

The Edition 1, which is essentially the range-topping variant, sold out one hour, despite the hefty $112,595 price tag. Less expensive (and less powerful) models are going to be available in the next few years, with the 800-hp EV3x expected to debut in 2022 and the 625-hp EV2x and EV2 available from 2023 and 2024.

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  • Great news to see a decorated black sportsman representing a Hummer. Big man for a big truck. 👍

      1 month ago
  • He is soooooo oppressed

      1 month ago
    • LeBron standing up for Black Rights isn't the same thing as claiming he himself is oppressed.

        1 month ago
    • LeBron, "No matter how much money you have, no matter how famous you are, no matter how many people admire you, being black in America is tough. We got a long way to go for us as a society and for us as African Americans until we feel equal in...

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        1 month ago
  • Did GM sell Hummer to a Chinese company?

      1 month ago
  • Damn reading some of these comments some drive tribers are flat out racist

      1 month ago
  • He is a typical over-paid nba player that has no relevance the the averages person.

      1 month ago