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Turbo's, they used to be everywhere back in the 80's and 90's. From fast Fords to Nissans, everyone was at it, including general goods manufacturing where such mundane things as sunglasses, toasters and even biros may have a little turbo logo. Well now it seems like they are back, even a household cleaner Cilit Bang has 'turbo power' (although due to globalization they have lost Barry Scott).

For the love of God...

So turbos, what's that all about then? They are expensive, take up a lot of space, don't provide constant power and (according to some) don't have a traditionally appealing sound! However they are making a sneaky comeback with modern cars (not just diesel chug a lugs) increasingly as a way to maintain power output with a smaller engine. Taking that to the extreme you could say that the 'average super car' being a V12 or V8 can be given a run for its money by Nissans latest GTR offering with only a V6 and a ZX Spectrum controller. This simplifies things a bit (well a lot) but you get the idea.

Garrett GTX3076 .82 4 Bolt Turbo. Garrett GT V Band Flange and Clamp. Garrett polished GT30 Compressor Housing.

Of course the Skyline owning community know all about turbos. Well not really, beyond the facts that, forced induction does just that. Forcing air into the engine so that it burns more fuel. The turbine in the turbo spins at an incredible rate (meaning oil changes and quality oil are a must). Better cooler air is gulped in requiring more than traditional cooling had to offer and larger intercoolers. Finally there is the fine line we all walk between POWER and L a a a g (lag)

The moral of this post is.. Have a look at what everyone else has already done, don't reinvent the wheel as it will probably be square, don't just assume that bigger means better and remember that upping boost will strain everything else get too 'boosty' and it will affect your 0-60 figure.. As in 0-0 (although you will have plenty of bits of metal to create art with).

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