Need For Speed 2019: What I Want For the 25 Year Anniversary Game Part 1

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2019 is a HUGE year for the Need For Speed Franchise. It turns 25 years old. The Pressure is on for Ghost Games to make this new NFS the best one ever. Their last few games have fallen flat in one way or another. Here is what I think should happen to fix this problem.

First of all, let's talk about what made the old games, specifically the Blackbox games so great. It was the single player. Granted this was at a time when online gaming was still relatively new, but still, it had such a good single player with a good story to engage us and still has a ton of re-playablility and longevity to this day. People today still play games like, Underground 2, Most Wanted (2005), and Carbon, heck, I still play Most Wanted (2005), Carbon, and even Undercover to this day! If Ghost can give us a great single player with some sort of end game or longevity this game will be great. Hopefully this can be done for the next NFS in the age online gaming.

My second big thing: Customization. Ghost has done great in the last 2 installments with car customization, but the community (including myself) want more. There still hasn't been the customization on the level that Underground 2 had. I don't know if this will be possible anymore with the diversity of the car list now, especially with exotic car companies, like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Pagani in the games but this is a wishlist and anything is possible right?

Third, Cops! Cops! Cops! Ghost has really dropped the ball on the cops in their last 2 games if I'm being honest. NFS 2015's cops were waaaaayyyy too easy once the car was decently upgraded. They fixed this with Payback, but they weren't in free roam and were scripted to fall back when you were less than a mile away from the objective. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that the cop system should work like it did in Most Wanted (2005) and Carbon. I want the heat levels to rise on my car the more I use it in reckless activities against the cops, causing them to bring out better cars, roadblocks, and helicopters. If I start to use another car and park my first one up in the garage, the new car picks up heat and the first one loses heat because it hasn't been seen in awhile. I want to see hiding spots for cooldowns to return like if a park in a garage and turn my lights off, the cooldown goes faster and searching cops can't find me. There should also be a risk-reward system like the impound strikes of older games. I might think twice about using my favorite car if I could lose it in the next pursuit. Should I use it or no? That's what I want to see return in the game

The fourth thing I want is references to old games and NFS Icon Cars. Ghost did this extremely well in Payback. Aki Kimura came back as the Drift King in Fortune Valley with his Noise Bomb crew, and Mac even referenced Ryan Cooper in the Boss race against Aki. Then they also gave us Eddie's Skyline, Rachel's 350Z, and the M3 GTR through updates, and the abandoned vehicles. I want see these again except better. Make "NFS Icon Cars" a thing. What I mean by this is, give us the original Eddie's Skyline with that oh so early 2000's, arguably gaudy body kit, give us the M3 GTR with the original sound of the P60B40 V8 and the whine of the straight cut gears. How do we get them? By in game challenges, for example, to unlock the BMW M3 GTR you have to escape 500 heat level 5 pursuits. Make the challenges somewhat difficult but not seemingly impossible to complete to add exclusivity to these special cars. Once unlocked, they should have limited customization. They can be used in single player or multiplayer and they can't be taken from the cops if you earn them because that would just be cruel when you've worked so hard to get it.

The last thing I want is post launch support. Please Ghost, support this game heavily post launch. I don't care if it's through single player or multiplayer updates but post launch game support has been a joke for the last two games with only 1 or 2 big updates, and then just patch work. Gives us little things, like maybe adding a new NFS Icon Car monthly, or new multiplayer game modes every now and then. Doing this would add so much longevity to the game and make it your best NFS game yet.

That's all I have to say at this moment about Need For Speed 2019. I didn't cover everything I wanted to in this article because, frankly, it would be too long. Do you agree or disagree with me in what the game needs? What else do you think I should cover for this game? Please let me know in the comments and I will try to get back to you as best as I can.

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Comments (17)
  • It’s a shame about Toyota and Mitsubishi. Might they come back? Let’s hope! 🤞

    1 year ago
    3 Bumps
  • Great article mate. Your idea for the nfs hero cars is great. Earn them through hardcore but doable challenges.

    1 year ago
    2 Bumps
    • Yeah I was thinking for the hero cars something similar to NFS Carbon’s reward card system except, you could use them in any mode.

      1 year ago
      2 Bumps