Need For Speed 2021 Just Got Delayed a Full Year. Here Are My Thoughts.

Stupid Move EA.

6w ago

So news just broke that there will no new Need For Speed coming out in 2021. Now given all the craziness I figured this would happen until EA said that they were looking to release NFS in 2021 and thought nothing of it. Then they said it would be delayed a full year a few hours ago now I'm a little (actually very) annoyed by it especially considering NFS is my favorite video game franchise of all time.

EA announced that Criterion would be helping to work on the new Battlefield instead of actually working the game they were told to make. Granted, Battlefield is probably EA's biggest upcoming release and, hearing it's almost all hands on deck makes sense. What annoys me is not that NFS got delayed in the chaos, it's how long it got delayed. A full year. You're telling me that Battlefield a game that is almost complete, will pull Criterion away from its responsibilities on the NFS franchise to delay the release for a FULL YEAR? It's a load of crap IMO, and with rumors of Most Wanted 2012 remastered coming around that time, it looks like NFS will be a very lousy release next year. If anything it should've delayed NFS 2021 until March or April 2022 at most.

Another reason that EA gave for such a stupid long delay was the fact that they didn't want upcoming Codmasters games to compete with NFS. Seriously what lousy excuse is that? The only game that I know of that Codemasters is bound to release this year is F1 and I know that isn't even on the same playing field as the NFS franchise. Those 2 games wouldn't even be competing against each other. What I want to know is why is there nobody from Codemasters or Criterion working on this game to even release it within a reasonable amount of time.

To make matters worse, EA seems hellbent on not releasing any updates for Heat and probably not even HP Remastered either. If they are going to delay NFS until late 2022, at least drop the 4 other leaked Black Market DLC packs that are locked away in Heat's game-files to tide us over. Also with the delayed release of NFS creates another problem. There doesn't seem to be any notable racing games coming out this year. Forza won't be releasing in 2021 and GT7's release is a date is still tbd but it will definitely be after 2021.

What are your thoughts of the long delay for the new Need For Speed? let me know in the comments. Also don't forget to bump this post and follow me for more Need For Speed Content.

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