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Need For Speed Teaser Update Has Gotten More Confusing

The Need For Speed Teaser Mystery has gotten stranger

20w ago

Earlier I posted about a series of photos that Need For Speed released on their Social Media that appear to be teasing something. A Number that has been thrown around the past few days has been 510. 510 was the number plate of the 350Z featured in NFS Heat, and You could contact Big Joe's Pizzeria (Not currently anywhere to be found in heat's world) at 0800-510-510-510. It was quickly found that the number 510 directly references a NFS countdown on EA's website that indicates to the date, Monday October 5th for this big reveal whatever it is.

However, NFS fans have thought more into what 510 could mean. Other meanings 510 have indicated that it was/is a police number code for street racing, and the fact that there was a picture in NFS Heat that showed heat level 5 and being chased by 10 cops which doesn't happen in Heat currently. Also NFS superfans have had theories that 510 could be a reference to the PSP game, Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0. If this theory is valid, It could mean some sort of blacklist-style update or the return of Razor the most wanted 510.

Then earlier today Need For Speed changed there profile photo to #BEAT510. This to me means that this 510 is referencing a street racer, that could be coming in a Heat update based on other information and clues that may have been dropped instead of a new game reveal. Need For Speed also sent a series of tweets that were strange to say the least, check out the Twitter thread below:

Also those random letters at the end of each tweet leads to the countdown website: x.ea.com/nfs/510.

What do you think all of this NFS 510 nonsense means? Let me know in the comments. Also don't forget to bump this article and follow me for more NFS updates. Also check out my previous article on this linked below for some more in depth info about the original NFS Posts if you haven't already.

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