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Need more than a sponge? These are the 10 best pressure washers on sale

Does your car need a serious clean? This should help you find the best pressure washer for the job!

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Pressure washers are a godsend, honestly. They're fantastic cleaning machines that can do anything from fixing up a dirty patio to un-caking muddy old bikes – and obviously they're a huge help for giving your car a really good clean. With that in mind, here are 10 of the best pressure washers you can buy.

Bosch has a range of pressure washers to suit different needs

Bosch has a range of pressure washers to suit different needs

The trusted brand

Bosch is always a solid choice when it comes to this kind of equipment, and this pressure washer is no different. It'll tackle the task of spraying your car down with absolute ease and, like all Bosch products, it's pretty rugged looking so it should withstand any big bumps. It's normally priced on the expensive end of things at £199.99, but it's currently discounted to £148.95 (a saving of 26%!). Do you need something new right now? It might be worth a punt!

bosch! And the dirt is gone

Bosch Aquatak 135 – hell of a name

You can currently save £50 on this pressure washer. What're you waiting for?

Get it on Amazon now.

Image: Karcher/Amazon

Image: Karcher/Amazon

The bright yellow one

I'll admit that I'm a bit biased by including this pressure washer on the list, because I have a Kärcher and love it. It comes with several attachments that make it equally as useful for cleaning up patios as it is hosing down your car. The bright yellow plastic makes it stand out too. It may be on the expensive side a tad at £169.99, it's definitely worth it.

Not-so-mellow yellow

Kärcher K2 Premium Full Control – 'cos you're worth it

Make your friends yellow with envy when you wheel this bad boy out.

Buy it now on Amazon.

The cheap one

The previous two pressure washers are definitely expensive pieces of kit. If you need something cheap and cheerful, this one from Yard Force is your best bet. Whilst it may only be just shy of a hundred quid, it's still got all the accessories you might need. It's very portable too!

it's a small orange brick of cleaning

Yard Force 135 Bar PREssure washer – cheap and mighty

Don't fancy splashing the cash on a big brand? This looks like a good buy.

Buy it now on Amazon.

Image: Blaupunkt/Amazon

Image: Blaupunkt/Amazon

The REALLY fancy one

Blaupunkt went in a very different direction with their pressure washer compared to the no-frills Yard Force one above. The PW7200i has a 2,100W high power AC electric motor and runs at a high pressure of 165 bar, as well as having an eight-metre hose and all the attachments you could ask for. The blue and white colour scheme looks very smart too. It's £209.99 though, which makes it one of the most expensive offerings on the market. Is it worth that amount of money? Maybe...

sehr sexy washing sportauspuff

BLAUPUNKT PW7200i – Sounds fancy, is fancy

Blaupunkt may be better known for hi-fis, but this gets great reviews.

Buy it now on Amazon.

The weird looking one

Most pressure washers are either in a kind of stand-up design or are designed to be carried around by hand. Autlead's offering, however, bucks that trend. It looks a bit more like a folded up pram! It's still very practical though and should be very easy to carry around. It's one of the cheapest offerings here too at a price of £79.99!

looks like a robot dog, but cleaner

Autlead 1800w pressure washer – wheel it around

Good reviews suggest you shouldn't be put off by the name or colour scheme.

Get yours on Amazon.

Image: Nilfisk/Amazon

Image: Nilfisk/Amazon

The blue one

This pressure washer is blue. Very blue. It's so blue that it'll probably start singing Eiffel 65 at you at some point. But it looks very sturdy, it's got loads of attachments and it isn't too expensive either at £107.99. With all things considered, it might actually be one of the best value for money options here.

blow away those dirty blues

Nilfisk C 120 bar pressure washer – it's blue

If blue's your colour then you could do far worse than go for this one. It looks good value.

Buy yours on Amazon.

The other trusted brand

Like Bosch, Black & Decker are a go to brand for any kind of DIY or gardening equipment and it's no different with pressure washers. The BXPW1400E is a smart looking model with a great chunky aesthetic. At a price of just under £70, it's very cheap too.

big name brand, small price

Black+Decker BXPW1400E 110 bar pressure washer – bargain!

Black+Decker stuff is great value, and a pressure washer for under £70 is not to be sniffed at.

Buy yours on Amazon.

Image: Turtle Wax/Amazon

Image: Turtle Wax/Amazon

Turtle Wax makes one too?

Did you know that Turtle Wax made a pressure washer? I didn't either! Turtle Wax's offering is on the cheap end of the spectrum at £105 and is really easily portable. It has all the right accessories you need too! Being developed by a company renowned for its car care products, you'd expect it would be really great at cleaning up your pride and joy.

green shell's better than a blue shell

Turtle Wax TW110-CH Car and Home Pressure Washing Ki

It's green, it's mean, and it's a pressure washing machine.

Buy it now on Amazon.

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  • Another option is one made by Stihl. The same people who make chainsaws

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  • Nilfisk for me.

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