Need some OPINIONS on wheels!

Stone, wagon, cheese, roulette, fortune, farris, Hamster, cart, etc...

So, its been about 8 years, and time has finally come to replace my wheels.

I love the way these wheels look on my car right now, but
A) they are a pain to clean and keep clean and
B) it appears as though my left front wheel is out of round enough that the air leaks out quite slowly and forces me to add air to the tires every couple of days. Its annoying.
I would love to just buy a replacement wheel, But the company, ADR is no longer in business. Too bad really, I bought a full set of 18x8.5+45s for around $450 and back when a pothole in San Francisco decided my 215/35/18rs were too thin I was able to pick up a replacement wheel for around $125. (Now I wish i had the foresight to buy 2...

So there goes that Idea.

I recently was shopping at costco and saw this. (costco link)

and with the costco price, these rims are within my projected new year budget.
($750. max)

As much as mesh wheels are a pain in to clean, and as much as i want a dish wheel like the Leon Hardiritt Waffe or the Work Varianza D3S, I just can’t justify Spending close to a grand on daily driver wheels when there are things like rent, utilities, bills, groceries, insurance, maintenance, a GF, travel plans, etc.

I think I have narrowed down my choices to 3 styles.

3rd option - Typical sporty 6 spoke
2nd - Hoping they are very concave
1st - I know, more mesh, but I have a thing for mesh as you might have noticed from my past posts...

I also haven’t ruled out finding a nice set of wheels elsewhere like facebook, craigslist, wheel flip, or wherever, so if you have any recommendations, please post them in the comment section below!


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  • I just saw your car...very nice. That being said, I think the 2nd option would be the best. You have a VIP body style, so I think that one goes better than the other options you have

      4 years ago