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Neste presents a 100% renewable and much cleaner diesel

Is it the diesel comeback?

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It is called Neste MY Renewable Diesel and is, according to its creators, the more sustainable alternative to crude oil-based fuels by being made from 100% renewable raw materials. This would have great environmental benefits as this fuel would emit over its lifecycle a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in the order of 50-90% compared to traditional diesel.

And again according to Neste, the greenhouse gas emissions of cars using Neste MY Renewable Diesel would be even lower than the emissions of an electric car, yes you read that right! The carbon dioxide emissions of a small diesel car are on average 106 g/km and those of an electric car 28 g/km. The Neste MY Renewable Diesel would emit only 24 g/km with the same car!

The Neste MY Renewable Diesel would also reduce the quantity of fine particles emitted by 33%, the quantity of carbon monoxide emitted by 24% and the quantity of nitrogen oxides emitted by 9%. To produce this fuel, more than 10 different renewable raw materials are used, such as vegetable oils, waste and fats. The fuel also contains no impurities, which allows it to burn optimally.

Neste MY Renewable Diesel would keep the engine clean and improve its performance. The fuel is also very resistant to cold and can be stored for a long time without altering its qualities and producing humidity. It does not require engine modifications and can be used by all diesel engines. It can also be mixed with conventional diesel. Interesting isn't it?

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  • Biofuel is my favorite type of renewable energy because I can still have V10 while making mother earth happy

      9 months ago
    • Exactly. Why can’t we just have bio fuel. I hate all this EV rubbish.

        9 months ago
  • If they can do this will diesel then they can do it will petrol so I can still hear the buzz of my ford escort when I am 50

      9 months ago
  • So basically it's the same vegetable oil Rudolf Diesel's engine was originally meant to run on 120 years ago. Nice.

      9 months ago
  • How much more land would need to be cultivated for this product?

      9 months ago
  • There have been a number of bio-diesel formulations in the past tat claim the same thing.

    No mention of NOX, which is a side affect of high compression and lean burn.

    I think the main problem for the developed world is that there is a conflict between land usage (you only have to run the sums to realise that plants are not good at converting sunlight to energy).

    The big question is, why use combustion when you don't have to.

      9 months ago
    • Why not have the choice of fuel and drivetrains? I mean EVs are great, but diesels are pretty popular still in lots of areas of the world where a EV just wont work yet. You could keep an old Mercedes or Land Cruiser going on this, where there...

      Read more
        9 months ago
    • "Why use combustion when you don't have to" I like vroom-vrooms

        9 months ago


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