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Following your passion after huge set backs

4y ago

As petrolheads and motorsport enthusiasts we find the art of drifting a stunning display of driver skill. The amount of car control it takes to throw a car sideways is off the scale. But when we got a phone call from Ben's Dad, Sam we were even more stunned to hear Ben was taking up this epic sport of drifting with only the use of his hands.

Ben was diagnosed with leukaemia back in 2013 and within two weeks was paralysed from the waste down. We are now three years down the line and come January Ben's parents were called to say their final good byes to him. For those who are parents you can only imagine how that must have felt. But after some strong fighting from Ben and his family and a bone marrow transplant things are improving. This has aloud Ben to focus on his passion for drifting.

We had the pleasure of having everyone along to Circuit Motorsport today with a host of media to do some testing of his new hand controls on the dyno which have been developed in America by another paraplegic pro drifter.

We must say just spending a short amount of time with Ben and his parents, the passion and enthusiasm that comes across is just astounding. It just goes to show that know matter what your situation, surround yourself with good caring people and work hard, you can do anything.

You can follow Ben's story on BBC Points West tomorrow and follow his story on Instagram by follow chairwarriors13.

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