Never lose your keys again

Lost it? Find it.

TrackR bravo is a bluetooth based device that is small and can attach to nearly any item you own, even to a pet.

The company’s motto is Lost it? Find it! and that really is how simple it is.

You combine the device with an app on your smart phone via a Bluetooth connection.

The device arrives in packaging that contains instructions and securing products. A metal ring and a sticky patch. These can both be attached to the bravo and then put on securely to the item you want to keep track of.

The instructions are really clear and connecting is simple and quick.

Go in to the app and locate the add new device.

You have a number of choices depending on what TrackR device you have purchased. For the bravo, press the button and follow the onscreen instructions.

You can name your device anything you want, but generally it will be the title of the item you are wanting to keep safe.

Connection is made by pressing a small button on the bravo device. You can see this in the diagram shown above, underneath the TrackR logo.

Once paired the item can be located via the app.

Open the app go to the device title you are searching for and it will start locating the signal. The amazing thing with the TrackR bravo is it also uses information from other bravo users, anywhere in the world. The device sends out signals unique to the unit and these messages get picked up by anyone who has a TrackR app and device.

The information gathered is then relaid to the company and then relevant details sent back to you as the user. The data tells you where your item is and if other users have passed by your device, connected.

The more people who start using TrackR bravos the better it will be locating lost items.

As the unit is small it can be attached to nearly anything as I can support.

I have hidden one on my motorbike, to act as a tracker and notifier. This is because the device shows you on your app where it is and also if it is moving. Therefore I know if unfortunately it has been stolen.

The device also acts as a reminder of where I parked the motorbike, so you could use it in a car or a pushchair, or inside a suitcase.

Great for frequently used items, such as iphone and ipads, and the major things people lose, keys and wallets.

TrackR bravo can be bought via the company website and through many online sellers and high street stores. Multiple purchases gets you better unit prices, and as I have pointed out, there are so many uses for the excellent device.

I throughly recommend purchasing a few.

words and pictures by Jeremy Webb. ©2017

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