- Kemora Grey Audi R8 Performance Carbon Edition

Never meet your heroes.. R8 V10 Performance

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I have been very fortunate throughout my youtube career (www.youtube.com/StefABtv) to drive some incredible cars. The Audi R8 has always been a car that ticked a lot of boxes for me. When it first launched I was excited to see that Audi had added a supercar to their arsenal. Over the years the R8 has evolved and this is the latest top of the range R8 V10 Performance carbon edition! Weighing in with a price tag of £155k makes this car is no joke. The new base model R8 comes in at around £120k the R8 Performance is approx £141k meaning that the addition of the carbon pack is a £13k optional extra. If there were ever any doubters of the R8 not being a thoroughbred supercar then this car definitely silences those critics. The new R8 face lift has a few subtle changes from its predecessor. From the inside it looks and feels like the old R8 V10 plus but with the addition of a chequered flag button on the steering wheel which activates performance mode. From the outside we see more aggressive wider lines on the front bumper, a 10 bhp increase and 30 ft-lb increase from the V10 plus of old. It still has the incredible 5.2 V10 engine that sings all the way through the rev range all the way close to 9k rpm.

Stunning cockpit view of the Audi R8 V10 Performance

Performance mode alters the cars revs on idle, sends the car into full manual mode and deactivates the traction control. It prepares the to deliver its 3.1 second 0-60 mph and go all out attack when you load the throttle pedal.

Face to Face with the R8 V10 Performance

Now they say you shouldn’t meet your heroes. The reason being is you spend so much time admiring them, looking up to them, wanting to be them and the last thing you want to be is disappointed if they don’t live up to expectation. I would say the same applies to cars. The R8 has always been a car I’ve wanted to spend some time in. I’ve watched so many videos on them over the years. I have seen so many out on the road. I was fortunate to drive an R8 RWS for a lap around a high speed bowl. But when Audi UK delivered the R8 V10 performance to my driveway I knew this was going to be special. The opportunity to get to feel what this car is like on the public road, what kind of reaction it gets, what is it like to live with. These are all things that excited me but also worried me. As mentioned earlier, I didn’t want to be disappointed.. I wasn’t.

Carbon Fibre Goals.

I used this car for everything. Audi claim the R8 is the daily supercar. They are not wrong. The car in comfort mode is like any other car, with the exception of its width. You can drive it easily with no fuss. The moment you get it into performance mode it completely changes the characteristics of the driving experience. This makes the R8 performance a very versatile bit of kit. In Kemora grey I can safely say that Audi nailed the colour here, the car turns so many heads. It’s a car that makes you feel happy each time you drive it.. well it should do as it cost you over £150k!

More aggressive front end

Driving it everyday allowed some real world economy tests. A run back and forth to work returned a reasonable mpg of around 23mpg with a mix of motorway and town driving. Open the taps up however and expect that v10 engine to exploit your wallet. Let’s be honest though. If you are going to buy one of these cars. MPG is the least of your concerns.

Ready for Take off

I can say with great confidence that on this occasion, meeting the Audi R8 V10 performance was not a disappointment. If anything it has made me respect the car much more. It has made me want one much more. It has also left me thinking.. will this be the last naturally aspirated R8 we see from the brand? I really hope that is not the case.

Check out the moment the R8 was delivered to me over on my youtube channel.

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