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Tales of automotive -caffeined up- thoughts.

3y ago


Uniques Special Ones, and I'm quoting here, "gathered aesthetes together and showcases unique or rare cars and artifacts that are limited editions". Quite aside from the very complicated and grammatically challenged name, it was indeed a good car show. It's such a shame it was only held for a couple of years. Still at least, as you can see, the coffee was good. Yes, COFFEE.

The Four Seasons is a hotel you've probably heard of but never been to in Florence. The hotel itself is big and elegant, you would expect that, but it's the garden that really boggles the mind. It is absolutely giga-enormous. Stepping on the freshly trimmed grass is a bit like walking in Central Park in New York, you know where it starts because you've just walked into it, but you can't see the end.

With car events like this one, as a general rule, I get drunk. But on this occasion I just couldn't because A, I hadn't slept at all the night before and B, I had already drunk quite a lot the night before. So coffee. I love coffee. Espresso, black, no sugar, no milk, in a demitasse. That's how it's done.

I love coffee. Espresso, black, no sugar, no milk, in a demitasse. That's how it's done.


Coffee is the kick starter, kick-off of civilization. Coffee is believed to have been invented in Yemen, around 700 years ago, and it is pound for pound, both currency and weight, the single most valuable invention in the history of the world. Especially when it's 9 AM and you have a whole day to look at cars, take pictures, and then write about them before you go to sleep the next evening. And that's where it happened.

Aston Martin Rapide

Aston Martin Rapide

In the midst of the limited edition historic supercars, dribbling a Ferrari here and a Rolls Royce over there and pretending I knew where I was or what I was doing I saw a white Maserati Gran Cabrio. The Maserati Gran Cabrio is one of my favourite cars ever but that's not the point. And as it happened she, the girl you see in the picture, was standing next to the Maserati, and right beside the coffee stand. I must have walked by a million times. Never mind the car, SHE was just something else.



With top class events and with shoddy shows. With amazing cars and sh**y ones, I never really doubted and/or forgot why I do this. It's the words. It's all about turning drives and champagne and road trips into prose. That's that. But I can't really hide the fact that there are some perks. And some beautiful moments. Oh boy, do I love my job.

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