Never Mind "working for free". This isn't work. This is WRITING.

2y ago


After releasing some mildly successful mixtapes Curtin Jackson, you probably know him as 50 Cent, began his rap career ghostwriting for P. Diddy. Please pardon this rather pointless preamble but I needed you to know this because rap is a writing job. And so is creating music or films. TV is also a writing job. If there's a script, there's a scriptwriter, and if the whole "thing" works, well, a good chunk of the credit goes to writing. Which is not a job. It's a duty call.

Around 17 years ago, while I was learning English, I was also honing my writing skills with, please don't laugh too hard, rap lyrics. Pretty soon rap lyrics turned into poems, (again, please don't laugh) and poems quickly became prose.

Writing slipped under my skin like an exotic disease, like a catchy rhythm you can't shake off. I have written rivers of words on just about any topic. I have never stopped, not once in 17 years, not because I'm always paid for it, or satisfied by it, but simply because I can't. I never even contemplated stopping. I couldn't.

Writing slipped under my skin like an exotic disease, like a catchy rhythm you can't shake off.


Now I see there are a lot of Tribe Leaders on DRIVE TRIBE that are complaining about not getting paid to work. I'm sorry but this isn't work. If you're on DRIVE TRIBE as a leader, and if you applied as a writer you can't possibly say you're tired of writing. I understand that people see young kids driving supercars and think that's cool. I understand the angle. But there are always two sides to any story. Forget about web stars, Instagram, YouTube and photography, let's just concentrate on pure automotive journalism: if that's what you like you're either a fan, and then you can do whatever you want, or you want to do this for a living. And if you want to do this for a living, you can never ever ever get tired of writing. Because if you do get tired of writing, then automotive journalism isn't in your nature. "Working for free"? We are not working for free. Because, to me, writing is, whether I'm paid or not, not work at all. It's just who I am.

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