One thing is common to all petrol-heads, regardless of our styles and loyalties. We’ve all had the dream, a personal masterplan for our interpretation of the perfect vehicle.

For most of us though, the dream stops there. The responsibilities of everyday life step in, forcing our dreams to exist only in tiny bubbles of imagination and small talk. But imagine a life where you threw it all on the line to chase that dream.

But for Joel Dimmack, he turned that dream into a reality. His dream was to build the ultimate drift car powered by Godzillars heart, the VR38DETT!

The first step was restoring the 240Z back to it original glory.

Once the 240z was restored to its former glory, it was time to fit the VR38DETT.

With the engine sitting in place the next question was, How would the 45-year-old chassis handle as well as a modern car.

The chassis had to be seam welded and stiffened up with one of the most amazing roll-cages ever seen, fitted.


Nissan R35 VR38DETT, 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6, PWR intercooler, 4-inch to twin 3-inch straight-through exhaust system, Garrett GTX3076R Gen II with ceramic-coated housings, PACE Innovations custom high-mount ceramic-coated manifold, 2x Turbosmart Pro-Gate50 wastegates, Fuel Safe endurance cell, Bosch 1,000cc injectors, Edelbrock fuel pressure regulator, MoTeC M150 GPR, PDM15, LTCD 4.9, PWR VR38 radiator, PWR oil cooler, PWR gearbox cooler, Aeroflow fittings, lines, hoses, clamps & piping, custom dry sump pan, Dailey Engineering pump, Peterson oil tank, E85 race blend fuel


Albins ST6-I 6-speed sequential transmission, billet shifter, Direct Clutch Services twin-plate clutch, R32 GT-R Nismo GT 2-way LSD


Tractive custom coilovers, Tilton pedal box, billet handbrake, Z32/R33 4-pot calipers, Project Mu pads, slotted rotors, (front), twin Z32/R33 2-pot calipers, Project Mu D1 pads, slotted rotors (rear), Parts Shop Max Limit Break high angle steering kit, adjustable arms, PACE Innovations 8-point roll-cage, PACE Innovations chassis bracing, R32 GT-R Whiteline sway bars, electric power steering, Woodward steering column


Rota RKR 17×8.5-inch -10 (front), 17×9.5-inch -20 (rear), 215/45R17 Achilles 123S (front), 255/35R17 Achilles 123S (rear)


Carbon fibre roof, carbon bonnet, CarbonSignal Moonbeam front bumper, splitter, wide-body, side blades, and three-piece wing, Skillard grille, louvred inspection panels, front guards, FRP front & rear bumpers

Interior :

Bride Zieg III Type-R Japan Special Edition seats, Schroth Racing 6-point harnesses, HANS device, Sparco R124 steering wheel, Woodward quick release, MoTeC C125 dash, MoTeC keypad, Top Stage carbon dash

Source: speedhunters

Photo credit: Matthew Everingham

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