Never Will I Ever

44w ago


As a mere mortal who does not have the means and celebrity status to ever obtain the Ford GT for personal use, I was given the next best opportunity. On a Fall October morning, I had the privilege of riding shotgun while the owner and CEO of Monticello Motor Club, Ari Straus, pushed the Ford GT to its limit.

Immediate thoughts as it accelerates through the first turn, my brain could not formulate words because the sheer acceleration felt as if it prevented neurons to communicate with each axon. I am not neurologist, but I know my mind was overwhelmed by the brute force. If you ever watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Jim Carey's character sought to forget his memories of a long lost lover, the Ford GT is a legitimate mind eraser. Your troubles, sorrows, responsibilities, insecurities, and any negative associations are all erased by the pure elation and handling mechanics of the Ford GT.

Never will I ever get to ride in another Ford GT and experience it on a racetrack. Never will I ever forget the feeling for as long as I live.

Photography Credit: Chris Szczypala of Monticello Motor Club

Event Sponsorship: IMPA

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