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New 2020 F-Type will come as special edition

The new F-Type will come as a special edition to celebrate 70 years since Jaguar's first success in motor sport with the XK120.

This means not only some extra chequered flag badges on the car, a lot of gloss black details and a rally-style centre stripe on the steering wheel but also a price tag that might let you skid off the bend.

Celebrating the '50s

Maybe, the only reason why the F-Type is skipping the year 2019 and directly prepares for 2020, is to be on time with honouring its first success in motor sport in 1950. Back then, Ian Appleyard and his wife Patricia Lyons, daughter of Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons, raced through the Alps in their NUB120 to win the Alpine Rally for the first time.

The couple won the Alpine Rally three times in a row, from 1950 to 1952 and made the XK120 dominating the mountains. Also in 1950 and also in an XK120, Stirling Moss won the Dundrod Tourist Trophy in terrible weather conditions and with a top speed of 120.5 mph. One year later, Peter Walker and Peter Whitehead raised Jaguar's reputation even more, with winning the 24 hours of Le Mans in the XK120C, better known as C-Type.

What more does one need, to know that a 2020 special edition of the F-Type is more than substantiated. Even if it will cost £ 62,335 for a 2.0-litre four-cylinder basic model with 296 bhp. A supercharged V6 will also be available in the special edition version.

If you want more power, you can go for the F-Type R that carries a V8 under its bonnet. But I have to disappoint you. The R version will not be a special edition of any kind.

I know, there is still a bit of time until 2020, but are you excited already?

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