New 2020 Toyota Supra Leaked!

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2y ago

There has been much anticipation on the new Supra and here is a leaked image of the car! forum member Supra93 uploaded a picture of the new 2020 Supra in silver in what could be a shipping container?

This is the first time we have seen the car like this and it looks MEGA!

The above are some previous images we have had. But nothing like the one in silver. Is it anything like the old Supra's? I don't know but if it drives like it looks then boy are we in for a treat.

Seeing the new Supra in silver really accentuates the subtle curves of the long bonnet which hark back to the mk4 which has such an iconic shape which even non-petrolheads will be able to point out!

This final design is no surprise as we have seen it at GoodWood festival of speed in camo.

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Comments (12)

  • #bmwsupra

      2 years ago
  • I really like it. Wouldn't buy one in silver but it does show the design very well. A deep metallic red would look great I think.

      2 years ago
  • It’s like the A80’s dorkier little brother(I can relate)

      2 years ago
  • The car has not been completely seen or tested and already there's trash talk. So much envy and jealousy out there after all

      2 years ago
  • Leave it in the container. I’d take the z4 coupe. The f1 styling cues are ridiculous imo.

      2 years ago