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new 20mph study announced

Sky News is reporting that a new study will look at the success of 20mph speed limits news.sky.com/story/study-to-examine-use-of-20mph-speed-limit-in-built-up-areas-10913019. From the point of view of motorised road users I'm sure that 20mph limits have invoked a mixed reaction, to put it mildly. The vast majority of responsible road users wouldn't consider driving at an inappropriate speed down a narrow residential road or a busy High Street. It's hard not to feel that the increasing frequency of 20mph limits imposed on arterial routes and places where 30mph or even 40mph seems appropriate and proportionate. I'm sure I'm not the only person who will have recently experienced being overtaken while driving a car in a 20mph speed limit by an angry person on a bicycle. It would be great to think that this review would be a balanced and rational study that would look at casualty rates objectively and truthfully. The cynic in me finds it hard not to believe though that it will be anything but. It will be a calculated and biased assault on motor vehicle users that once again deliberately sets out to frustrate, inconvenience and force the behaviour of people with the objective of punishing them for their choices and forcing them out of their vehicles, regardless of their needs and cricumstances. I'm hoping to be proved wrong...

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