New 400bhp V8 Land Rover Defender Revealed!

1y ago


When new cars are released they often meet a lot of fans but a fair amount of haters as well, this will not be the case I hope with the all new Land Rover Defender Works. The car is not only the fastest but also the most powerful Land Rover ever build with a mind boggling 400bhp. It is a limited special edition paying tribute to both the V8 performance Defenders, and to the Land Rover marque’s 70th birthday.

This ingenious idea came to light back in 2014, when the old Defender was still being made and sold. Land Rover got the thought that people would love a car like this, but with a ton of power. All we can say is they were right!

Speaking of all that power lets talk more about the incredible V8 under the bonnet of the new Defender Works. This 5L naturally aspirated V8 will produce 400bhp and 380lb ft of torque. This is more then tripling the normal defenders mere 120bhp engine in power! Teamed with a 8 speed ZF automatic transmission, the car will go from 0-60mph in just 5.6s, and on to a top speed of 106mph. That top speed may not sound like much but just remember this is in a Defender.

As if things couldn't get more exciting, this new Defender Works will offer a sports mode, to make things more extreme. Other updates include better springs, bigger brakes, dampers and anti-roll bars, and 18in alloys wheels with new all-terrain tyres wrapped around them.

So what do you think of this new Defender from Land Rover!?