New 911 cabriolet rendering looks even more like the 964!

Wondered how the new 911 will look like with it's roof chopped off? Well Wonder no more!

2y ago

Porsche's and drop tops go hand in hand ever since the companies inception, with almost every model (with the exception of the SUV's and the Panamera) getting roofless version sooner or later. We've already seen the prototypes of the latest 8th gen 911 in the top-less flavour back at the begin of the year, so it's no doubt that the real thing will be with us very soon indeed.

Now, thanks to the talented Aksyonov Nikita we get a pretty good preview of what the real thing might look like.

As you can see it compared to the original photos down below it doesn't look all that different to the coupe, but then again neither should it, the 992 is a handsome car in it's own right. A huge plus is that 992 cabriolet with the vertical rear light stripe, looks even more like a 964, which we of course know is the best looking 911 (according to me).

Personally I like the the drop-top even more than the coupe, yes it will affect the performance a tad bit but the sheer driving pleasure that can be derived from simply listening to that flat-six will more than make up for that.

Be sure to check out the renderings author: Aksyonov Nikita

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