New 911 GT3 RS spied testing complete with ridiculous motorsport wing

If that wing makes it to production, it'll rival the McLaren Senna for outlandishness

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With the GT3 incarnation of the 992-era 911 due within the next year or so, the first road-ready prototype of the 992 GT3 RS has been spotted at the Nurburgring race circuit in Germany, sporting plenty of clues to it being the upcoming Rennsport model.

Perhaps one of the most obvious touches of RS styling can be seen in the air vents on the front wings, a trademark Rennsport styling cue. Perhaps the most notable feature of this possible GT3 RS prototype is the massive motorsport-style rear wing.

While it may seem over the top for a car such as this, given that the "standard" GT3 has been spotted during testing sporting a wing that could easily rival that of the previous-generation GT3 RS, it should not come as too much of a surprise that the upcoming Rennsport model should wear such a standout wing. The idea of the wing design is that the 'swan neck' mount boosts the downforce generated by the wing, which would increase on-track performance in the spirit of the GT3 RS.

The central exhaust tips seen on the prototype are a traditional feature of GT3 RS models, which is rumoured to be connected to a naturally-aspirated flat-six, which appears to be confirmed by the sights (and sounds) of multiple GT3 testers that have been spotted.

Perhaps controversially, the incoming GT3 RS will not be offered with a manual transmission option despite the GT3 having one available; Since the RS is designed to chase maximum on-track performance and lap times, the additional speed offered by the PDK means the Rennsport will only be offered with a PDK transmission.

Interestingly, there appears to be a charging point on the front right wing of the car, similar to that seen on the Taycan. Whilst Porsche has confirmed they're looking to implement electrification in the 992 range, it is unlikely to be featured on a hardcore, track-focused variant such as the GT3 RS.

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