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Volvo in-house tuner Polestar is about to be morphed into a standalone brand for high-performance electrified cars.

Polestar posted a quick message on its Instagram page, “The End” which signals the end of the collaboration with Volvo which started in 1996. It may be the end to the Volvo Polestar as we know it, but the brand will live on, separately, and it will focus on the development of high-performance electrified cars. Now led by Thomas Ingenlath, former design head at Volvo, Polestar promises an array of “world beating electrified high performance cars.”

In 2010, Polestar, with Volvo’s blessing, built a high-performance road car concept based on the C30 to gauge whether there was interest for sporty Volvos. Three years later, the first Polestar-tuned Volvos went on sale: the Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar. The cars proved a hit and in 2015 Volvo decided to buy the Polestar brand from Dahl and move the tuning business in-house. As part of the deal, Dahl kept the racing team which he rebranded Cyan Racing.

The last Volvo Polestar models as we all know them were unveiled last month, and they build upon the 2018 MY S60 and V60. Offered in a limited number of just 1,500 units, both of them get the specific exterior touches, and some minor tweaks inside, while their powerplants were left untouched as the 2-litre turbo-and-supercharged four-cylinder engines producing 270kw and 470nm.

Rumour has it, that Polestar is expected to premiere a 450kw coupe concept later this year that will debut its new pure-electric technology.

An official announcement is expected in October, specifying what sort of ambitious plans Polestar has for its electrified range of performance-focused models.

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  • A pity. Mercedes has AMG and BMW has M.

      3 years ago
    • Polestar will still continue to work as a competitor to M and AMG dude, albeit with electric technologies.

        3 years ago
    • Yes, but not as an arm of Volvo, as AMG is to Mercedes and M to BMW. If Volvo is to be a logical alternative to those German marques, as it's casting itself as, then surely Polestar would have been useful.

        3 years ago