new all time record sale price for a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R sold at auction.

42w ago

In Japan! This M-Spec nur with 6,817 km has just sold for:
33,205,000 yen which is the equivelent of $313.4k USD, 241.9k GBP or 266.6k euro car cost only, no shipping or VRT charges are included in that price.

This beats the previous all time high of 32,000,000 yen set back in January 12, 2018 for a QM1 White V-Spec II nur with 10 km on the clock.

This M-Spec nur is JW0 Millennium Jade and was graded 4.5A, and is Nür #247/1003; M-Spec Nür #63/285.

This is still a long way short of the highest price ever paid for a Nissan Skyline which is 47.3m yen for a 1973 Nissan SKYLINE 2000 GT-R. Would you pay this for a Skyline like this?

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  • Would you pay this prie for a Skyline @tribe

      9 months ago