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New Amazing idea for a car-TCG, it's called "The Car Collector"

If you are a car enthusiast and love to collect cars. Then is this the perfect game for you. You gotta love it.

1y ago

If you are a car enthusiast and love to collect cars. This is the perfect game.

I had a idea to make a car-TCG (trading card game) where you can buy, collect, trade and sell your favorite cars. If you start the game you get free packs and a little amount of money. With the packs you can pack your favorite cars like from a old school Ford Mustang 1967 GT500 to the modern Mclaren P1. you can find it here.

What is the game about?

In this game you can sell or buy cars from your friends or other players, with the trading system. There are also objectives to win were you can win packs and coins and with those packs you can collect cars and expand your dream collection. The ultimate goal is to collect every car in the game. That's almost impossible because every week there will be new cars added to the game. I want to build a big community in this game. were they can for instance decide what cars there will be added in the next update.


This idea to make a car-TCG comes from the mobile game Fut 19 from pacybits . That is a game where you can collect Football players based of the card from Fifa 19. I thought why there isn't that kind of game for cars. I began to do research and a saw that there were a couple of games that have the same genre as mine for instance "Topdrives","F1 Pack Rivals" and "Das Auto Quartet".

There was a problem with those games I couldn't" feel in love with those cars because I was only looking at the rarity of the cars and I only wanted the car with the highest stats and I forgot to look at the beauty it really is. That's why I wanted that this game is not laying heavy on the rarity of the card. for example in Fifa, every player has a rating. those people that are playing the game are wanted the highest rated players. sometimes it's not just about the to get the highest best performing cars. It's about the passion and the love for cars.

More info

There will be a big variation of cars in the game. Such as, muscle cars, off road cars, track cars, super cars and so on. there are six different card types. Classic, Icon, Normal, Sport, Super and Hyper.

The rarity of a car depends on the data of the car. For instance a car that belongs at the Icon rarity has to have a history and a story behind the wheel. I wanted this game to be also a car guide where you can read about the newest car releases and the history about cars en manufactures. A game were all car enthusiasts from all over the world come together.


I had a lot of confidence for the project. I was working on my card design and the layout and design of the game. I have chosen for a dark blue as maine color for the game. I'm not sure about the color. the color blue is very common used in games. Maybe the blue is a little bit boring. This is not the final design. I was thinking to make it more attractive and cleaner with using more brighter colors. There will be a lot of changes and adjustments in the design.

I hope you gonna like this idea. and share your opinion with me.

Be aware there is no demo or beta from this game yet. the game is still in design stage.

If you interested, have any questions, have a crazy ideas ore you want to support me. Put it in the comments ore contact me

I really need your help.


Email: jarnovanbroeckhuijsen@gmail.com


Instagram : jarno_vbr

gamedev.net: Jarno

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Comments (28)

  • It's great, I really love top drives so I would love this there is already an app like this but it doesn't have servers anymore so you will have a good chance. I'm a programmer but sadly I don't have any idea about programming mobile apps so I can't help you sorry. Good luck with the idea and I wish you great success

      1 year ago
  • Wow sounds like a much better version of Top Drives! Great Idea!

      1 year ago
    • I totally forgot I read and commented on this article, been pretty long 😂

        1 year ago
  • Love it! I hope you get through with it! (and btw. don't forget to add a DeLorean :P)

      1 year ago
  • Bro this would actually be SICK!!!!! Pls release the game because by the looks of it, it will be supported very much by the car community and gamers and as there isn’t any other games the same as it, it will definitely do very well. Good luck mate!

      1 year ago
    • Thank you for your support. the game is still in design phase.There are a lot of things to do. I will take some time for the release.

        1 year ago
    • Hope it all goes well for ya mate, good luck!

        1 year ago
  • Personally it sounds like a great idea

      1 year ago